FEMW was created by Femke Wijman in 2010.
It started out as a hobby at a young age to make my own clothes and crafts. On request I started designing and making items for friends and family, and then for total strangers!
All items are handmade with love and can be personalised. This is something you can see and feel. Every item is unique and something to cherish a lifetime or to give away as a gift.

In the last few decades, we have become a consumerist society. Prosperity has increased. The amount of stuff one owns has increased. People never seem to have enough stuff. But in the end, do we really need all that stuff? If you think about it, what are the things you value most? They are probably something you love and care for. Something you got from a friend or a loved one. Something one of a kind. Something handmade especially for you perhaps?

My goal is to make things that you love. Not just stuff.
Please feel free to have a look around in my blog and shop. Don’t see anything you like? Once in a while the site is updated with new items. But I also make things on request, such as clothing, crochet/knit items and illustrations.

You can contact me via this link.

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handmade with love