Silk blouses

Just back from the cold outside, cozy on the couch, Gregory Porter on the radio, lovely!
Read more for tips how to wash delicate silk blouses.


4These silk blouses are handmade by me, they feel soft and of course I want to keep them like that. At the same time I don’t want to be afraid to wear or ruin them. So I Googled for instructions how to wash silk.

Some say just throw it in the washing machine, others say you can absolutely not wash them in the machine but only by hand. So that’s what I did, I use  d a washbowl with lukewarm water and a little natural vinegar. So no soap!
For the white blouse, I also added some salt to the armpits to prevent and remove sweat stains.

Now leave the blouse no longer than five minutes in the water, because that could damage the fabric (apparently, let’s not risk it). Rinse with clean, again lukewarm, water and gently squeeze the water out. Next you lay the blouse flat on a towel. Wrap the blouse in the towel, in order to avoid as much wrinkling as possible. Squeeze the towel roll gently again and unfold. Put the blouse on a hanger to dry further.


handmade with love,

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